5 Disney World Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know

Meet Grace (aka @onlymagicaldays) travel agent, mom, and our go-to gal for ALL things Disney. Read up on her insider tips and how she conquers the park with her Twin+ and two littles in tow.

Tips for every mom at Disney World

A Disney vacation is so magical but it can also feel overwhelming. There are so many options from resorts to dining to attractions. As a travel agent and mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I understand the stress that comes with planning a trip and executing it with confidence. Here are my tips I think every parent visiting Disney World should know.


Disney World is about the same size as San Francisco so knowing how to get from point A to point B is important. When you have a stroller in tow, it’s always good to know your options for getting around easily. Here is a quick break down of what transportation options allow you to keep your stroller unfolded and which require you to collapse them. It’s good info to know so you can be prepared! P.s The Twin+ folds in seconds so you can hop on in off with ease. 

Strollers must collapse on:

  • Buses
  • Small Boats
  • Skyliner (if it is a side by side double)

Strollers can be rolled on to:

  • Monorail
  • Larger Boats
  • Ferries
  • Friendship Boats from Epcot to Hollywood Studios*
  • Skyliner (if it is a single width stroller)

*On Friendship Boats, they will ask you to remove your child from the stroller for safety.

Lots of resorts are also within walking distance to some parks which can be a HUGE benefit when you are traveling with young children.


Security and Bag Check

Every park has security that you must go through and the process for going through security is a little different when you have a stroller. Guests with strollers will go through their own line where the stroller will be manually checked by a security officer. The older guests will walk through the touch-less bag screening. It’s best to try and clear out the bottom basket of your stroller to make this process as quick as possible. You will also want to detach your bag and carry it through with you. It can’t stay hooked to the stroller. If you have large metal objects like water bottles or umbrellas in your bag, take those out and hold them as you walk through. This will ensure that you won’t get stopped for a bag check.


Stroller Naps

Having your kids nap in their stroller is unavoidable at Disney. This can be a stressful part of your day especially if your little one isn’t practiced in the art of sleeping in a stroller. Here is a list of my tried and true areas for getting your kids to pass out in the stroller. They all are fairly quiet with bumpy grounds that make it perfect for lulling even the hardest sleeper. One of the big reasons I love my Twin+ is that the seats lay almost flat and the umbrellas are huge - perfect for peaceful snoozin during the day.

Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland has great bumpy ground behind Seven Dwarfs Mine Train by Voyage of the Little Mermaid. The walking path back there also tends to be less crowded then other more congested areas. Once your little one is asleep, there is a large shaded area in the back section of Storybook Circus

Hollywood Studios - The Muppets Courtyard and Grand Avenue area has cobble stone pathways and a large fountain while also being fairly quiet, making it the napping trifecta. The crowds ebb and flow as people come in and out of Muppets but there is plenty of room to walk until they crash. Once they are asleep, I suggest crossing the street and heading to Base Line tap house for a craft beer and Bavarian pretzel. Talk about a parenting win!

EPCOT - The UK Pavilion is the perfect area to get your kids to fall asleep. The music is subtly and lovely and the road is bumpy cobble stone. When I say this puts my kids out in minutes, I mean it! It’s also a lovely place to just and enjoy the park. You may even see Mary Poppins

Animal Kingdom - Discovery Island Trails are hands down the best place to go at Animal Kingdom. For one, you pass a Starbucks on the way. And for two, its maybe the only place in all of Disney World where you might not see another person. These trails wind around the Tree of Life making for spectacular views. It’s really quite peaceful and serene.



Kids meals at Disney World are large. They could probably feed most adults. We often order just one kids meal and split it between our kids then supplement with a side order or a snack. This helps save a lot of money while you are in the parks and helps you not feel like you are tossing food out all the time. You can even do this when you are at table service restaurants. Just ask the server for an extra plate. They don’t mind if your kids split a meal!



Fireworks can be a stretch for most toddlers and preschoolers but it’s often something, we as parents, don’t want to miss out on. My biggest hack for making the fireworks easier is to bring your kids jammies with you in the morning. When it’s time to find a spot for fireworks, change them into their pj’s. If they fall asleep during fireworks or on the way back to the resort, it’s easy to just put them to bed. Fireworks night might be the easiest night you have!

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