Zoe's Insiders Guide to Disney

Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, right!? We put that to the test! Because, let’s be honest — we’re all just trying to survive and thrive in this crazy thing called: parenthood!

So, we asked one of our trusted Zoe team members to report back their best tips after a recent family trip to Disneyland! Disclaimer: this Disney trip was taken before COVID. Some information may vary depending on current safety restrictions. 

1) Technology is your friend: download apps

Imagine a customized plan that optimizes real-time with all the info on the must-have FASTPASSES -- YES PLEASE!

Our favorite was from the Touring Plans website, The Disneyland Lines (TP) app. It’s $15.95/ year and well worth it, trust us! And you’ll also definitely need the official Disneyland app to navigate the park, to use those FASTPASSes, to get official pictures, and much much more.

2) They see me (st)rollin’ — they hatin’! bring a stroller duh!

Look, let’s be real… Disney is a beast — and NOT the time to test your strength and patience by carrying the kids and bags filled with souvenirs you don’t need. So, a stroller is the absolute MUST HAVE item to tow your little ones and to store your stuff! Pick a stroller that's lightweight, has storage and fits within Disney’s new stroller requirements (yes, they have requirements — and yes, all Zoe strollers meet them… whoot, whoot!). Even if your kids aren’t “stroller age” plan for a stroller with seats for every kiddo. Plenty of 8- and 9-year-olds were choosing to ride later in the day — and who can blame them? Wouldn’t you stroll too if you could get away with it? After all, do you ever really grow up? Or do you just learn how you’re supposed to behave in public?

The Zoe Twin+ is the perfect option. Even better, add on an extra seat if you really want to splurge. Even if you only take two kids, a third seat is a great way to store all the swag your kids trick you into buying, or to prevent meltdowns, or maybe even that seat for mom (**our lawyers urged us to point out that Zoe does not advise putting mom in the stroller).

Love Disney, it’s all first-class… but their rental strollers left a lot to be desired. In fact, the rentals were quite uncomfortable… I mean, they’re rentals! We loved that kids had complete shade coverage, and could recline seat for midday napping (trust me, you’ll want that!) in our Zoe strollers. #winning

4) Bring reinforcements!

If you can bring another set of hands, why not!? We all know it takes a village! Remember what we said about being in this crazy thing called parenthood together? That INCLUDES Grandparents! Yes, drag Grandma along! Trust us, she’ll enjoy the quality time with the grandkids as much as she’ll enjoy watching you have to be the parent.

5) Half days are OK!

If you have more than one day, don’t feel like you have to do the entire park all in one day. You’re the boss, and they’ll never know! #TEAMNOMELTDOWNS! “Of course we covered the whole park, honey!” Practice that line, and those little monsters, I mean munchkins, will have just as much fun at the hotel pool and the ones needing to rest will be better for it! AMIRITE?

6) Roll with it!

Let’s face it -- there's always going to be SOMETHING that doesn’t go your way. That’s OK! Brush it off. So what your ‘precious angel’ dropped her Mickey ice cream on your lap, you got sunburnt in all the wrong places, and your other ‘precious angel’ didn’t get Goofy’s autograph and wouldn’t let it go without dropping $15 at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition — it’s time to enjoy every moment and cherish those magical memories, the highs and the lows! Because blink once and your kid is two years old, blink twice and he’s off to college… YOU GOT THIS! Enjoy those sweet moments, all the rides, autographs you did get, laughs, and even the eventual tears when you see your credit card statement :) Good luck and have fun!

 Now that you know all of the best Disney tips and tricks it's time to get the right gear. Check out our Disney Essentials to get prepped and ready to go for your adventures in the happiest place on earth!