Top Five Road Trip Tips For Surviving Holiday Travel

Holiday travel season is upon us, and that means something a little different for each family. For some, it’s an incredible time to make memories with the family and spend a little extra quality time together. For others, pure chaos. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, a few road trip tips for keeping everyone in the holiday spirit never hurt anyone.

1. Car games are your best friend

If you’re reading this, we doubt that you’re the type who grew up surrounded by new technology popping up every day. If anything, you were probably more in the era of “make your own fun,” which means that you might know a thing or two about good, old-fashioned car games. Now’s the time to put them all to good use! Bring back childhood favorites like the license plate game, “I spy”, or the alphabet game for hours of offline fun.

2. Bring along some new toys

What’s one thing that kiddos and adults have in common? We love new stuff. Novelty is pretty much a guaranteed distraction, no matter how old you are. Road trips can make even the most experienced travelers a little restless, so you can imagine that your kids are probably feeling that on an even higher level. Bring along some new toys to give them something to look forward to for each day of the trip! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, but something new can help keep kids entertained and parents happy.

3. Relax your screen time rules

Of course, we don’t recommend hours and hours of screen time in your daily life with kids. But, road trips are a great place to make an exception. Not only will watching a holiday movie or playing a favorite game feel like a nice treat, but it can give parents a little breather if tensions are running high. Pro tip – bring along your Entertainment holder to make this even easier. 

4. Drive at night

Trust us, driving at night has its perks. You can spend the day making sure your kiddos get out as much energy as possible, then by the time you load up the car in the evening, they are often tuckered out and ready for a good night’s sleep. Get your kids comfy in a pair of cozy pajamas, plenty of blankets, and relaxing music, and you might just score some quiet one-on-one time for the adults. 

5. Don’t be afraid to make stops along the way

Maybe you and your college pals prided yourselves on making long-haul trips with no stops along the way, back in the day, but let’s be honest. Times have changed. Powering through and driving super long treks can often be too stressful when kids are involved. Plus, half the benefit of taking a car over a plane is that you have the opportunity to see more along the way! Do a little research before you leave, and find some places to stop and break up the trip. Whether it’s a playground, where everyone can let out a little energy, or somewhere that’s always been on your bucket list, a few stops here and there can be a great idea. If you’re staying somewhere overnight, don’t forget to pack your Cloud!

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