Get Movin' Mama: Simple Stroller Workouts with @emilybreeze

We see you! With busy schedules taking time for yourself often gets squeezed out of the day. So let us cheer you on and remind you to take care of yourself because YOU MATTER MAMA! Movement helps us feel like our best selves for our kiddos, so we’ve partnered with supermom, fitness guru Emily Watson to create simple stroller workouts to incorporate into your daily strolls. 
Hi there! I'm Emily (@emilybreeze) - a mom to FOUR littles under the age of FIVE so as you can imagine my time is spread thin. Most of us are juggling way more than we need to but too many times I see moms letting their self care routine fall through the cracks. I make it a priority to move every single day. These quick workouts while pushing your stroller make it that much easier!
Three things to remember when it comes to working out:
1. Have fun with it! If it feels like a chore- move on! There are so many options to choose from so find a way to move! 
2. Find a community. This can be a significant other, friend, people from the gym, or your kids! It’s always easier to stay committed to your goals when you have encouragement!
3. Be consistent. I don’t always feel like working out but I always feel better when I’m finished. Stick to a routine and be confident in all the benefits of movement!
I love incorporating my kids into my workouts because it allows them to watch me set goals and accomplish them. I love the grind and it shows them the importance of hard work.
These are two fab workouts using my Zoe Trio Stroller. It’s a win for everyone-fresh air and movement! We all feel so much better after we put in the work!
15 min walk/ stroll workout
Set a timer for 15 minutes *stop every minute and complete:
  • 5 180° jumping squats
  • 2 plank walk out push-ups
  • 5 lateral lunges
25/30 min walk/stroll workout
Set a timer for 25/30 minutes and every 3 minutes stop and complete:
  • 10 lunges
  • 5 air squats
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 plank taps
      I love a good leg day! My go to workout anywhere anytime is  👇🏼
      5 rounds of each:
      • 10 jumping air squats
      • 10 walking lunges 
      • 10 burpees 
      This gets your heart rate up while building strength!
      Don't forget - follow along with me for more fitness tips, fun workouts, and mom-life moments. You got this Mama!