Tips to Help Minimize Travel Stress During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year? If you’ve ever traveled with kids over the holiday season, that statement might be up for debate. But, holiday travel doesn’t have to be the thing that turns you into a grinch! With these 5 tips, you’ll be headed to your destination with a little less stress.


1. Don’t make meltdowns the enemy

Holiday hustle and bustle is half the fun of the season, but if you’re a parent, you know as well as any that it can also be the cause for a lot of chaos. Go into your plans with managed expectations, knowing that meltdowns and rearranged plans are just part of the deal. If you can go in knowing that, you and your kids will be able to enjoy your time together a lot more.

2. Perfect your packing

Don’t think you need it? Bring it anyway. If there was ever a time to pack like a pro, it’s the holidays. That means extra diapers, medicine, backup blankies, you name it. Once you’ve got your list of everything you’re bringing, pack accordingly. Make sure the things you use often are in easy-access areas (like the Parent Organizer on your stroller) and that you know where you’ve packed everything. Your future self will thank you.

3. Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Okay, so you saw this one coming, but just in case you didn’t...bring snacks! The only thing worse than an angry toddler? A hangry one. The same goes for parents. Minimize hunger-induced stress by packing plenty of your favorite snacks for the road, plane, or wherever you may be. A snack tray might even come in handy.

4. Travel with strategic timing

The thing about traveling for the holidays is that most other people are too. What does that mean? Traffic, busy airports, and higher cortisol levels. That’s why planning travel times strategically is key. Get an early start on your roadtrip to avoid the crowds, or try and take a flight that coincides with naptime. Whatever works for you – just don’t be a victim of time.

5. Have fun!

This is an important one. So many formative memories are made around the holidays, and you want to be able to spend time with family in a way that everyone will enjoy. Do your best to stay in the present moment, and have fun with your kids. Whether that means packing some festive candy in with those snacks, watching your favorite cheesy movie in the car, or packing matching family pajamas, just make sure to enjoy this special time with the ones you love. Happy holidays from Zoe!

To get started, be sure to read our post about the Ultimate Family Packing Check List. Happy traveling!