How to Stay Organized as You Head Back to School

If you’re anything like us, you just blinked your eyes, and apparently summer is almost over?! Crazy. And we all know what that means… back to school! Whether you’ve been counting down the days until you can drop your kiddos off in exchange for a few hours of peace and quiet, or whether you feel like the back to school season is hitting you like a truck, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips to prep you and your littles for the new school season.

1. Remember bedtime?

Oh yeah, bedtime! Listen, no shame if you got a little relaxed with the bedtimes over the summer. That’s what summer is for, after all! But those late bedtimes will be no fun when the alarm goes off to get everyone ready for school. Start gradually shifting bedtime earlier and earlier, that way you and your kiddos can avoid any morning sleepiness (aka grumpiness).

2. Take closet inventory

The summer has a way of making sure that things are not in their correct place. Or creating new stains in brand new clothes. Take inventory of your kiddos’ closets! Make sure they have plenty of wardrobe staples that fit them well, and can be mixed and matched. That way, you won’t be running around the house before school trying to find those shorts you thought you just saw.

3. Talk about it

Sometimes it’s as simple as this – kids react better when you explain the plan. Have a family chat about how mornings will go down, aka “we’ll get up early, go potty, and get ready for school!” The earlier it is, the bigger both your feelings will be, so it’s best to chat it out and level expectations for everyone involved. 

4. Have a run through or two

Give yourself the best chance of success for when the actual first day of school comes. Practice getting your kids up at the right time, making breakfast, making sure your Parent Organizer is on the stroller, and getting ready (you know the drill) a few times before school actually starts. That way, the real deal will be smooth sailing, and you can adjust anything that’s not working ahead of time. 

5. Make a lunch plan

Don’t fall victim to realizing you forgot to go to the grocery store the night before the first day of school. That’s no fun for anyone. Make a plan for which lunches you’ll be sending with your kids and which ones they’ll get at school. Make sure you’re prepped with the right groceries – that way you can plan ahead and take that extra stress off yourself. 

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