5 Things You Need to Know Before Flying With an Infant

Are you planning a trip with your little one sometime soon? We have two things to say about that: “congratulations!” and “best of luck.” If you’re a bundle of nerves and excitement about everything that comes with travel, especially travel with a baby, then look no further. Grab your stroller, and take it to the skies…here are 5 things you should know before takeoff when traveling with an infant.

1. Under 2s can fly as a “lap infant”

If your little one is under two, then your wallet might just be in luck. Infants under two typically qualify as “lap infants” on most airlines, meaning they can fly on your lap without any added costs. Take advantage of this great perk of having young kids and spend that extra money you saved on something you’ll all enjoy on your trip.

2. Luggage is per ticket, not per person 

While you may not need to cover the cost of a ticket for your infant, just because their spot on the plane may be free doesn’t mean that their baggage is. Likely, you will need to pack their things in with yours, or you may want to invest in an extra checked bag or two.

3. Strollers are a must

You might be weighing your options...is it worth bringing a stroller? The answer is YES. They allow you to keep your things with you when you head to the restroom or while you’re out and about during a layover, plus they make diaper changes a million times easier. Travel already includes lots of changes for your littles, so keeping this the same can help smooth things out. Not to mention, with Zoe strollers, folding them up for convenient travel is a breeze, and you can easily fit most strollers in an overhead bin or gate check if you prefer.

4. Feed at takeoff and landing

You know that uncomfortable popping you get in your ears at takeoff and landing? And how you can usually chew gum or yawn to get rid of it? Well, babies haven’t yet mastered that skill, so these times can be very uncomfortable for them. Feeding usually helps naturally relieve some of the pressure they feel in their ears to make them more comfortable.

5. Schedule flights with sleep schedules

We know this is easier said than done, but if you are able to schedule your flights around your child’s sleep schedule, you’re giving yourself more of a fighting chance for a peaceful flight. Sleep still may not happen, but your chances are better if you fly at bedtime vs right after your baby has woken up from a nap.

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