10 Stroller Packing Tips for Disney

The Frozen soundtrack has been playing for weeks, you finally found that pair of Mickey ears, and your bags are packed. It’s time to go to Disney! Of course, this is such an exciting trip, but there are also lots of moving parts. It’s important to have everything you need for your big adventure, and part of that is packing your stroller properly! Today, we’re walking you through how to pack a stroller for Disney.

Make sure to bring a stroller that’s Disney approved

Lucky for you, all Zoe strollers are Disney approved! Phew! But, you’ll still probably want to make sure you’re bringing the stroller that makes the most sense for your family. All our strollers are compact, lightweight, and designed for easy travel, but if you’re just traveling with one kiddo, then The Traveler is a great option for you. If you have more than one little one along for the ride, you might want to opt for The Twin+.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

A travel friendly stroller is certainly a must when it comes to Disney, but there are plenty of other accessories that can definitely make your life a lot easier. Is there rain in the forecast? No worries. Bring along the rain cover just in case. Worried about hot weather? Keep cool with a stroller fan. Check out our full list of recommended stroller accessories for Disney here!

Aim for over-prepared

We’ll just come right out and say it: if you think you might potentially need it, go ahead and bring it. We know that overpackers tend to get a little flack, but your future self will be thanking you, in this instance. Here are a couple things that we think should make the list:

Hand and face wipes

From riding rides to Disney’s famous churros, there’s bound to be some messes here and there. Keep the germs and the messes at bay by always having some wet wipes handy.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Even if your trip isn’t during the summer, it’s always a good idea to be protected from the sun. Sometimes the cloudiest days are the hardest on the eyes on the skin, so make sure to be prepared and safe, no matter the weather!


Disney is a magical place, but it’s true that it can be very “go go go,” if you know what we mean. Sometimes the fast-paced nature of all the activities can cause headaches, dehydration, you name it. It’s best to keep a little stock of your go-to medicines and first-aid essentials handy. We recommend ibuprofen, bandaids, and motion sickness medicine, at least.

Change of clothes

Remember those messes we were talking about? Well, sometimes they can’t always be contained to a wet wipe. It’s a good idea to keep a fresh change of clothes for each family member readily available, just in case. That way, if messes do happen, good moods won’t be ruined. 

Portable changing pad

You never know just where you’ll be when the need to change a diaper strikes. Hopefully there will be a clean bathroom with no lines and a fully-equipped changing table readily available (our dream!), but sometimes life happens. It’s best to keep a portable changing pad with you, so you can be ready wherever you are. 


We know, we know. This goes without saying. But sometimes, the most obvious things are the most quickly forgotten! Don’t forget the snacks! It’s plain and simple: everyone is happier when fed, and sometimes the prices on Disney snacks add up. Keep some favorites handy in the parent stroller organizer!

Portable power bank

There’s no worse feeling than wanting to document your kiddo experiencing Disney magic only to realize your phone battery is dead. Don’t worry, it can be avoided! Make sure to have a fully charged, portable power bank with you, so you can keep your devices charged and ready to go. 

What are your Disney must-haves? Be sure to check out our other Disney tips on the blog!