9 Questions For New Years Reflection

Remember that show 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody' where the two brothers live in a hotel? There was an episode where they were trying to get a dinner reservation.
The hostess says:"I can squeeze you in at 7:30"
Zack: "Perfect!"
Hostess: "On November 16, 2023"
Zack: "But that's in fifteen years!"
FIFTEEN years....and now 2023 is almost a memory! Feeling old yet? Yea, me too!
All jokes aside, time isn't slowing down, and if we're not intentional about it, it will pass us by again and again leaving us wondering where the good old days went and how our babies grew up right under our noses! This year, let's set aside time to think about these things so we can be intentional moving forward. Here are some great ways to reflect on the year behind us and look ahead to the next one. These are great questions to ask your spouse and your kids, and even journal about yourself! Our family likes to take an escape weekend in January to a little log cabin to have these conversations in depth; but a coffee shop, around the dinner table, or even while playing or on a walk will work great! Use these questions as a launch pad to wherever the conversation needs to flow.
  • What feeling comes up when you think about this year? What's one word to describe it?
  • What worked well for us this year?
  • What did not work well for us this year?
  • What's something you feel proud of from this year?
  • What's something you wish you were better at?
  • What's something new that you'd like to try?
  • How did we have fun this year?
Two kid-specific questions I love for honest parenting reflections. Ask these to your kiddo(s) and listen without interjections or comments.
  • What's something that I do that makes you feel loved?
  • What's something I do that doesn't make you feel loved?
Wherever these questions take you is right where your conversation needs to be. Remember with gratitude and Look ahead with excitement for potential, believing it will happen. We're cheering for you!