Finding Joy in the Little Moments

Hey Mama! What do you think of when you hear the word joy?

Is it that feeling when you have a good sweat session or off on a great adventure traveling the world? Maybe for you, it’s reading or lying out by the pool with friends.

But if these are how we obtain joy, where does that leave moms?

Moms that are squeezing in a workout before the sun rises?

Moms who now consider reading the label on the Tylenol bottle as their light reading for the day?

Moms who are neck deep in a season of caring for and meeting the needs of others?

Can Moms experience true joy?

We say HECK YES! And here are three ways we think moms can thrive and experience joy here and now, today! Yay!

  • Be in Charge of the Narrative
It’s so easy to let our unchecked thoughts narrate our day for us. Things like “I never get to do what I want”, “I have to do everything around here”,  and “I’m so burnt out” all drain us in a hot second.
The problem is not that you are angry or exhausted or overwhelmed and anxious - because, aren’t we all - and actually, those feelings are never the problem. 
The problem comes when we let those feelings take over. It’s okay to feel exhausted, but that’s not who you are mama! We can be exhausted and kind. Overwhelmed and caring. Our brains are super smart and they look for evidence of whatever thoughts are in our head. So if we stop the spiraling narrative and instead start talking to ourselves to narrate the story we want, then we’ll see the joyful moments so much easier! Here are some examples to get you started:
“I’m choosing to make this meal for my family (or whatever chore has got you down!). This matters to me!”
“It will only be like this for a little while”
“This is a chance to practice being the kind of mom that I want to be”
Give it a try and notice just how quickly everything feels lighter and FULL of joy!
  • Keep a running gratitude list

Start a new note on your phone, pull out a sticky note, or set aside space in your planner but start looking for and writing down the things that you see, hear, feel, taste, or touch that spark something in you. You can keep a running list as the day goes on, or intentionally start or end your day with three things from that day. Before long you’ll be noticing beautiful birds, blue skies, fresh cut grass, a child’s laugh, or a spontaneous dance party. Taking time to slow down and look around brings just the right awareness we need to be present. The more you look for parts of life that you love, the more you will find them! For an extra challenge, try coming up with a few items to add to your list at the height of one of those really tough mom moments. We think you can turn those frowns upside down!

  • Create an atmosphere

I once heard that moms are not meant to be thermometers riding the emotional rollercoaster of their kids, but the thermostat that sets the tone and temperature of her home. I love that for us! It means that we can proactively create an atmosphere in our homes that we can all enjoy. So whether that’s fun music, a diffuser giving off an amazing smell, a playful silliness, or even beautiful artwork hung up on the walls, we have the gift and opportunity to create the temperature and tone in our home that paves the way for lots of joyful moments!

Our favorite moments may look and feel way different than they did before kids, but we have everything we need to enjoy life just as much, if not more, with our growing families. EnJOY Mama!