How to Goal Set for Burnt Out Parents

I’ll be honest - I thrive in the New Years season. Forget News Year's Eve. Take me straight to New Year's Day. In a coffee shop. With a journal, dreaming about the new year (…this takes more coordination these days because, let’s be honest, toddlers + reflection time don’t really blend).

There’s something in the air – anything feels possible, people feel united (you say ‘Happy New Years,’ I hear ’it’s us against the world!’), and our slates are clean.

But I’ve got to say, even I feel resistant to setting any kind of goals this year. I think it’s partly due to the phase my toddler is in – I’m noticing her first signs of perfectionism, fears of being wrong, and struggling when she doesn’t understand something. At two? She’s already feeling insecure at two?!

I’m remembering all the times I felt the exact same way (I don’t have to look back that far….). Given the timing, I’m feeling a little rebellious this New Years.

In a world that’s always pushing me to be better, do better, grow more (insert the added layer of mom guilt) – I want her to feel free to fail. Free to stumble into new adventures, try new things, and look at being wrong as a win (she’s found something new to learn!). I want her to never even know the ‘timeline’ we’re all ‘supposed’ to follow.
So call it a rebrand on goal setting (hi, marketer here ) – this year I want to take myself less seriously and find 10 new things to fail at. I want my little girl to look at me and see me explore new interests even if I’m (very) bad. Struggle with something I care about and not get defeated. Find pride in who I am and not the resume I’m building.

Two things that have become very clear to me since I became a mom:
1. Life’s too short
2. Our uniqueness is really something to celebrate

So sure, learning from our experiences is always helpful – but this New Year, I will handle my reflections with grace and try to look at the upcoming year as a whole new playground to explore (& there are mostly no rules on a playground…).

I’d love to hear what fun things you’d want to try if you threw caution to the wind. Maybe we can encourage each other this year.

A future mediocre rock climbing-pillow sewing-improv class taking mama (phew that last one already makes me sweat)


PS - here are some books I’ve been recommended in this season (for me or my little)