15 Items To Pack In Your Snackle-Box For On The Go Snacking

When you’re on the go, snacks are a must. Here are some of our favorites that keep the messes at a minimum (ish?) and still pack some nutrients!

  1. Chickpeas
    • This is a protein packed legume has become one of our baby/toddler faves. Straight from the can or freeze dried, it’s so delicious and satisfying! You can also find plenty of flavored options too.
  2. Snack Bars
  3. Fresh Fruit
    • We love blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apple slices, and of course Cuties! If you’ve got a little and you’re concerned about fruit size – we love the OXO fruit cutter.
  4. Fresh Cut Veggies
    • Baby carrots and sliced peppers are always a great on-the-go snack! Sometimes we have some hummus to accompany them but also delicious (& cleaner!) solo.
  5. String Cheese
    • An easy, protein-packed snack that (usually) even the picky kiddos love!
  6. Pretzels
    • A salty snack is essential. We love all versions of a pretzel: matchsticks, peanut butter-filled, thins…you name it. 
  7. Dried Fruit
    • A great option for fruit, especially if you can’t keep your snackle box cold. Raisins, apple rings, dried mango, freeze dried berries…the list goes on!
  8. Nuts/Trail Mix
    • Trader Joe’s has some great individually packaged trail mixes that we love. But just a handful of almonds or pistachios will do the trick.
  9. Gummy Snacks
  10. Crackers
    • Goldfish are requested daily in this household but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with pita crackers.
  11. Meat
    • Think charcuterie for kids! Our go-to’s are pepperoni, salami or even turkey roll ups, pair it with your cheese and go pinkies up.
  12. Electrolyte Packets
    • This has become a recent addition to our snack haul. Loving the Cure lemonade flavor for adults and kids (ages 1 & up) alike!
  13. Sweet Treat 
    • Graham crackers, cookies, or candy…the kiddos always get excited about what sweet treat they’ll find. 
  14. Pouches
    • A must-have for any outing with toddlers and always a crowd pleaser with big kids too! It’s so great to have a quick and easy treat for them to slurp down.
  15. Dip
    • Dip can be a controversial addition to a snack box due to the mess-factor, but with the right container, it can definitely be a level up! Hummus and guac are our top faves! For a long day out it can be nice to get the individually packaged snack/dip kits for everyone to have.

Need some snackle-box recs? Here are a few of our favorite on-the-go snack containers!

Melii Snackle Box

GoBe Snack Spinner

Bento Box

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Memory Snack Tray (make it a game and give yourself a few more minutes of entertainment!)