100% Real Juice: Squeeze The Most Out Of Summer

Introducing 100% Real Juice: You probably have a vision for your life — maybe you question if motherhood limits your options? Well, you're not alone. Introducing a new series that shares unfiltered stories of moms squeezing every drop out of life. Stories of moms paving their own path of motherhood — (100%) Real Juice.



Meet the Mama behind Real Juice:

 Hey, friend! I'm Emily! I'm a faith-filled mom of two looking to make the most of every moment. We weren't meant to just survive this season, but THRIVE in it. So I'll share simple, practical ways to enjoy your life exactly as it is right now!


Have you taken a stroll down the isles at Target or Hobby Lobby lately? Rows and rows of brand-new backpacks and perfectly boxed crayons and glue are evidence that fall is nipping at our heels. Don’t get me wrong, I was a next level school-supply fanatic back in the day, but today? As a mom? Crayola and Elmer are my wakeup-calls that summer is still here- right now! It’s not over yet! I want to maximize every hot and sticky summer moment I get with these kids. I’m sure you’ve heard we only get 18. And once they’re gone, we can’t get them back. So, here are 5 ways you can make the most of what’s left of this summer, starting today! 

1. Fresh ‘N Simple

The last thing you need to be doing when the sun is shining is hunching over a hot stove, flipping through casserole cookbooks, and spending hours cleaning up. Instead, next time you’re at the grocery store shop the perimeter. This will usually take you past all the amazing in-season produce, nuts, seeds, cheeses, eggs, meat, and whole grains. Not only will you be filling your cart with nutrient dense ingredients, but also, focusing on whole foods makes cooking meals super simple! For snacks, think apricots, peaches, and oranges. They’re no-prep, great on the go, and take a while to eat ☺Kid friendly charcuterie board on your fav Zoe highchair anyone? You had them at string cheese!

2. Say Yes to the Mess 

The other day I was sitting outside with my girls who were each enjoying a popsicle on a 95 degree day. As I watched the popsicles melting and dripping down to their elbows, my first instinct was to reach over, wipe up the mess right away, and hurry them along to finish. But something stopped me and instead I just let it happen. I just smiled and watched them. True, they were sticky and messy, but they were so happy and I was able to delight in their joy because I wasn’t stressed about the popsicles that, yep, just kept on melting. So whether it’s drippy snacks, baking helpers, or digging in dirt, let it be! Who said moms can’t take part in care-free summers!? (oh and also an FYI - melted popsicle clean-up is super easy with the Munchkin!)

3. Forget About It

If you’re like, well everyone, your phone is one of the first things you lay eyes on each and every morning. And then after that, it hardly leaves your sight. But what if we challenged you to leave it on the plug when you get up for the day? To remember what it’s like to forget about it? It’s tough to be on our phones less when they’re always by our side. But we think leaving it behind for a few hours is a great way to set the tone for the day with undivided attention on those cuties! 

4. Embrace the Heat 

Ok. It’s been hot this summer, yea? No lie, it’s been super tempting to hunker down with my kids and my BFF: air conditioning. But what I’ve found is that it gets boring for everyone real quick, and the weeks are flying by without many memories or stories to show for it. But we get to change that! Popping the kids in the stroller (I’m lookin’ at you Twin and Terra) with a still-frozen waffle in each little hand has been one of our favorite ways to kick off the day while the sun is still gearing up. Mama gets the endorphins flowing and the kids stay cool with an easy breakfast. In the afternoon, water is the name of the game. Pool, sprinklers, water table, water balloons – it’s the perfect way to embrace the heat and make those childhood memories happen. And Mama? You look amazing. Put the suit on ☺

5. Live A Little

One of the best parts of summer is that it’s a break from the routines that hold the rest of our year together. So, while we don’t have to be married to the school/dance/soccer/etc calendar, let’s be spontaneous! Impromptu play date? Yes please! Day trip to the beach? Why not!? Hiking with the kids? You’ve got this Mama! If the idea sparks, you’ve got a memory in the making if you’ll just say yes! 

When it comes down to it, our kids love simplicity. And as moms, our best summer is unlocked when we let go of expectations and take steps to intentionally be present as we are. Those cuties adore you and they’re going to remember the silly little simple things you did to enjoy them – even in the scorching heat of summer! Because when life gives you lemons, you squeeze every drop!

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