Activities Guide: 20 Ways to Level Up Your Summer

School’s out! Yay? While summer is undoubtedly an exciting season, you’re not alone if it leaves you feeling a little chaotic. With high temps, loose schedules, and kids who never seem to run out of energy, you might be in need of some fresh-squeezed ideas to keep summer fun for everyone involved. Here are 20 ways to level up your summer with the kids.

  1. Bust out the camping gear. Hello backyard adventure!
  2. Have a tea party. Play a little make believe, set up your MUNCHkin set, and act like royalty.
  3. Head to the library. Cool off inside with a good book.
  4. Have a toy swap. Team up with another family to freshen up the toy collection.
  5. Start a hobby as a family. Take up cooking, biking, or whatever else you’re into!
  6. Volunteer. Pick a cause you care about, and use it as a time to teach your kids the importance of giving back.
  7. Watch a movie outdoors. Set up a projector, grab the popcorn, and voila!
  8. Go on a family ice cream date. There’s nothing like cold ice cream in the hot summer. Make some memories together over a scoop or two.
  9. Take a family vacation. You deserve it! Explore somewhere new that you’ll all enjoy.
  10. Pull out the sprinkler. Send your kids outside in their suits, and let them cool down the fun way!
  11. Go stargazing. Get set up in the backyard and take in the constellations together.
  12. Build a sandcastle. Go to the beach, if you have one nearby, or opt for a sandbox instead.
  13. Make campfire s’mores. Who doesn’t love s’mores? Set up your own campfire, and roast marshmallows to your heart’s content.
  14. Build a fort. Grab your blankets, twinkle lights, and pillows, and go crazy. You can even cozy up with your family favorite movie.
  15. Have a water balloon fight. Your kids can cool off, get some energy out, and have fun at the same time. That’s a win!
  16. Set up a lemonade stand. Have some fun, while developing some business chops too.
  17. Take a daily family walk. Don’t forget to bring your stroller along!
  18. Plant a garden. Grow your own flowers or veggies, and go all in on something everyone will enjoy!
  19. Visit a town close-by. You know that little town you always want to go to, but never do? Pack up your Traveler, and get a change of scenery.
  20. Go for a swim. Hop in your (or the community!) pool, bring some snacks, and enjoy the sun.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, don't forget to bring Zoe along for the ride!