The Ultimate Family Packing Checklist

Traveling with young kids is no walk in the park. Let’s be honest – sometimes walks in the park aren’t even walks in the park. But if anyone needs a good vacation, it’s parents! So, we’re arming you with an all-inclusive travel checklist and our top tips for travel with babies and toddlers. Because between packing for yourself and your kids, there are bound to be some things that fall through the cracks. Make sure you have these essentials, and you’re one step closer to a margarita in each hand. Download our packing-list HERE for a fool-proof vacation. 

Our top tips to get you prepared for your next family vacation:

  • Keep a running list. If you’re anything like us, your brain reminds you about things in the least convenient times and places. Luckily, most people usually have their phones nearby, so keep a running list of what to pack or travel reminders on your phone.
  • Pack your Zoe favorites. We design everything with on-the-go parents in mind, so our products are perfect for travel. Plus, who doesn’t love a stroller or organizer designed to make your life easier?
  • Extra outfits are key. Don’t let a blowout get you down. Be sure to pack an extra change of clothes for you and your little in your carry-on bag! Just remember, sh*t happens.
  • Let kids know what to expect. Have a conversation with your littles about your travel day! Get them excited to watch their favorite movie on the plane, or let them know that their nap might be a little later. Managing expectations can make the day smoother.
  • Stay juiced. Save yourself from buying a $30 airport charger that will break the next day. Set an alarm for minutes before you’re supposed to leave home to make sure you have all chargers! Pro tip – get a portable battery, so you never find yourself somewhere unfamiliar without a working phone.