Outfit Your Ride for Halloween: Seven Creative Stroller Costumes

The rumors are true—spooky season is here. Pumpkins have infiltrated our coffees, front porches, and shopping carts, all while leaves fall outside and temperatures drop. So, you know what that means…it’s almost time for Halloween! 

Whether it’s your favorite holiday or not, you must admit that it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to wear a fun, family costume. But, it’s a bit of a killjoy when your stroller ruins the vibe of an otherwise iconic look. No fear! Here are 7 ways to outfit your Halloween ride to get the perfect family look.

1. Rocketship

Ready to blast off! Your little will be ready for infinity and beyond with this creative approach to decking out your Zoe stroller. Mom and Dad— don’t forget your space suits when you head out for trick-or-treating. You’ll love this look to the moon and back.

Credit: Cafe Mom

2. Mouse Trap

Trust us—this mouse in a mousetrap costume is way cuter than the real thing. Find a mouse costume for your little, and deck out their stroller (or wagon!) with some fake wood and cheese. Your kiddo may be a bit of a pest sometimes, but we’re willing to bet that they’re pretty adorable. Too.

Credit: Coolest Homemade Costumes

3. Top Gun

Tiny flight suits? Tiny sunglasses?? A tiny airplane??? It doesn’t get much cuter than that. If you’re obsessed with Top Gun, or just aviation in general, then this is the family Halloween costume you’ve been waiting for. Decorate your ride, and take it to the skies. PS—this one works especially well with the Tandem+.

Credit: Alissa Bird

4. The Little Mermaid

No feet? No problem. Take things under the sea to get the party started. Your neighborhood has never seen a mermaid like this before, that’s for sure. Decorate your stroller to your heart’s content with whatever underwater treasures you fancy.

Credit: Costume Works

5. Chicken coop

Grab your Twin+ and bring things home on the range! Your kids probably already get up at the crack of dawn, so why not just play up the story a bit? Craft a little coop out of some cardboard, grab some chicken costumes, and voila! The cutest chicken coop you ever did see.

Credit: Hike N Dip

6. Big truck

Honk honk! Big truck coming through! If you’ve got some extra cardboard, some paint, and a couple extra beanies lying around, then this costume is for you. A big truck with a little driver is the perfect combo, if you ask us. Bonus points for this costume if you’re trying to stay warm; the more you bundle, the better it looks.

Credit: Cafe Mom

7. Pirate ship

Ahoy there, matey! Grab your motley crew and set sail to the seven seas! Or at least to the neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities. The good thing about this look is that it looks great without the stroller (you know, for after the kiddos go to bed), but the stroller pirate ship is just the icing on the cake. This is one you’ll want to wear every year, guaranteed.

Credit: @linderliving

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