Family-friendly Adventure Bucket List

Let’s be honest, if you’re the outdoorsy type who also happens to have little ones in your life, they aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to connecting with nature and indulging the adventurous side of your personality.

There may have been a time where you went bouldering every weekend, ran the trails, or took your bike out into the mountains every weekend, but maybe now you spend more of your time sipping imaginary tea and changing diapers. It is what it is! But, just because you have littles now doesn’t mean that you can’t get out into nature and have fun together...especially with The Terra, aka our new all terrain-friendly stroller. 

If you’re looking to get back into nature and bring your kiddos along for the fun, here’s our bucket list for family-friendly adventure activities.

Go for a hike

Start simple! Find a spot local to your area to spend the day. Throw on some good shoes, workout clothes, pack a picnic for the family, and get ready to get some steps in! Hiking is a great way to experience a bit of the outdoors together, while dipping your toes into the adventure world.

Take a camping trip

Maybe your hiking trip was a blast, and you’re ready to take things to the next level. Pack up your Terra, along with your camping gear (and maybe some marshmallows to roast?), and get ready for some quality time with the family. It’s such a great way to make memories with your kids and experience something new, all together.

Go to a National Park

Yosemite? Zion? You know that National Park that’s always been on your list? There’s no time like the present to see it for yourself. Take some time off with the fam and go experience nature in a whole new way. Who knows – maybe you can be “that cool family” who does a National Park family vacation every year.

Go see some wildlife

If you have any animal lovers in the family, it may be time to go check out some wildlife together. Is your area known for a specific kind of animal? Grab your Terra and some binoculars, and try and see some for yourself. Whether you’re looking for little red foxes, families of deer, or some exotic birds, you’re sure to see something new, together.

Take on the beach

There are those beaches that we go to because they’re easy to get to, then there are those that require a bit more work. Why not take on a bit of a challenge this time? Go see some sparkling blue water after a little hike to reach the shore. The way down won’t be a problem (hello, Terra!), so enjoy the long way around.

Ready for a little adventure? Check out our new Terra to take the plunge.