Top Tips For Napping On The Go

I almost start sweating just thinking about it. Our 2-year-old was signed up for dance lessons that started at 4:15 pm. She was hesitant to participate, and it was right at nap time for our 2-month-old. How could I be comforting and supportive to our little ballerina, while also providing a cozy environment for the baby to get the sleep she needed? Was it even worth it? Should we just stay home until things got easier to manage? 

We’ve all been there, those moments where you know you’re going to need to be somewhere other than home, but it’s nap time. Dun dun duuuuunn. With your first kiddo, this can especially be intimidating. But I promise it gets better! With time, with some tips, and with each subsequent child. For the good of everyone’s mental health, let me encourage you to get out! It feels hard at the beginning, not because it’s actually hard, but because it’s new. Once you push through that phase and it’s no longer new, things mellow out and you’ll be stepping into an on-the-go-nap like the pro-mom that you are! Read on for some of the best tips and tricks for successful naps on the go! 


🧡Hire a Sleep Consultant 🧡

Let me just start by saying that everything that I know about baby/toddler sleep, I know because of the wonderful sleep consultants at Little Zs. Their newborn course and consultations equipped me with the confidence to carry on with life with my baby. Research consultants that align with your values and if you’re struggling to justify spending money on something like this remember that sleep is the greatest gift you can give your baby and yourself in this season and onward! They really do make a difference and can give you ease on this journey to sleep! You don’t need to be caged in, chained to your baby’s crib, and nap schedule. With a little practice, you and your baby will discover how resilient and adaptable you both are! Together, you can do this and you will be so glad you did! 

🧡 Just do it 🧡 

The hardest part is getting started, and the best time to start is now. After our first was born, and after family had left town again, I started taking short trips out of the house. Every day I would challenge myself (with grace) to go somewhere. Whether it was just a car ride to Starbucks for a pick-me-up afternoon latte, to the park for a walk, or to the mall for a slow-paced practice session of breastfeeding in a public place. I set out to stretch myself, in my own time, so that what felt new became familiar, and comfortable. At first, even getting her buckled into the car seat by myself on a hot summer day was stressful, hearing her cry as I drove was my undoing. But as I gained experience, I also gained confident familiarity, love, and appreciation for my new normal. As we practiced on-the-go naps, I felt relief as the isolation of new motherhood melted away and I knew that my adaptable baby was gaining a skillset of sleeping in a variety of environments. This was bonding and empowering for both of us! Practicing early and often set us up for a life of flexibility that has enriched our lives! 


🧡Zoe Stroller 🧡

Maybe you’ve heard about our 148-degree reclining stroller seats? Or our four-panel waterproof expandable canopy with UPF 50+ lining?! Buckle in your baby and it’s a recipe for sweet dreams! Our strollers glide like butter to lull your little one off into dreamland. It’s the most comfortable nap environment that can go wherever you go. Hello, freedom! 

🧡Wrap 🧡

The kangaroo-style baby wrap keeps baby and mom super comfortable, while keeping your hands free. Check out Solly Baby Wraps, Wild Bird’s Ring Slings, OR check out YouTube for several No-sew DIY baby carriers. Way more cost-effective, and you can pick any fabric you’d like! These can be used at home or out and about. Babywearing has a bit of a learning curve as you figure out how to get the wrap and baby situated just right, but it’s worth the temporary confusion! You will both love it! 

🧡Portable Sound Machine 🧡 

If you’ve been intentional to create a sleep environment at home, it makes sense to carry that consistency through to naps on-the-go. Sleeping cues such as a Sound machine like this one, a certain song, a paci, or a diaper change routine can help signal to baby that it’s time to sleep. These are simple ways that we can communicate to baby and let them know what’s going on. 

Naps on-the-go can feel overwhelming and not worth it. But we say, don’t knock it ‘till you try it! You deserve to get out into the fresh air, to be with people you love. And as it turns out, the adaptability of your baby will prove that they enjoy the adventure as well! Believe in your baby. Believe in yourself!