Stroller Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Stroller in Peak Condition

I’ll never forget my daughter's first tinkle accident in my brand new Zoe. It was a beautiful summer day and I was so eager to get out of potty training land and into the morning sun. This lovely little incident was before seat liners were an option and I panicked. I did not want my favorite everyday stroller to reek of urine! 

The good news? This was the day that I learned just how easy-to-clean Zoe’s high-end fabrics really are.

The bad news? Potty training took a little longer than expected.

All jokes aside, when we say they were made with you in mind, we mean it. 

I see you parents of goldfish-crumbling, potty-training, oops-I-spilled-it kiddos. I know what your everyday use entails because I’m in the trenches with you, as is the rest of the Zoe team of parents of littles.

So I thought I’d give a few reminders and pro tips on how to keep your Zoe stroller looking (and smelling) fresh, clean and in tip-top shape! 

1. Seat Liners 

This is what we like to call work smarter not harder. Our machine-washable seat liners protect and add comfort to your stroller. And they come in all of the Zoe colors you already know and love. They are easy to attach and remove (aka without rethreading the safety harness). Compatible with The Traveler, Tour, and Twin. When the mess happens, just remove it and toss it in the washing machine.

2. Washing Fabric
Due to our high-quality fabrics, they are extremely easy to clean and shed most stains and spills easily. In case you need them on the go, our cleaning instructions are on the tags on the back of the stroller’s seat. We recommend a warm, damp cloth and air drying. Spot test any mild detergents/soaps before using.
3. All-Terrain Wheels
Most of your everyday strolls will be on surfaces ideal for our Lightweight Travel and Everyday Wheels that your stroller comes with. However, our All-Terrain Wheels are designed to go wherever you go! They'll give you a bit more flexibility anytime you're off the beaten path, and they'll help you navigate larger bumps, train tracks, and other obstacles with ease. So if you know you’re headed somewhere extra rocky/bumpy, opt for swapping wheels as needed.
4. Use as Intended
Little things like reclining the seat back and clasping the safety harness before folding are just a few ways you can show your Zoe some TLC. Properly tucking in the four canopy panels will keep them looking sharp - Though it will fall out with time, feel free to run a steamer over the canopy if the fabric arrives a little wrinkled. Remember to follow proper weight limits for the longevity of the stroller.
5. Storage
When not in use, we recommend using that awesome one-handed fold to protect the inside of your stroller. Avoid leaving it out in sun/weather exposure when not in use. Tuck inside of our storage bag when rough handling may occur (airlines). 

We hope that these tips will help you maintain your stroller for many miles to come! Happy strolling!