Solo Adventures: Traveling Alone as a Mom

We are all about leaving the house for day trips or bigger adventures as a family, but inevitably, there will come a time when mom has to take the kids out for some of those bigger outings on her own. And that can be downright intimidating! We’re here to make that process as smooth and simple as absolutely possible! So whether you’re going to the street, across town, or to the other side of the country, we’ve got you covered!


Silly as it may sound, practicing for outings with the kids might be just what you need to gain enough experience to feel comfortable and confident when it’s time to navigate the real thing. If you have a newborn, this might mean trying to get out and about for errands by yourself a few days each week. Even if it’s just to drive around for a bit, practicing getting yourself and baby ready and loaded into the car is a great starting point! As you become more and more comfortable, you can build up and add to your outings. I remember taking my first baby to the mall one day just to practice with the stroller and finding a place to breastfeed while we were out in public on our own. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it certainly can set you up for more success and fewer sweat stains. Cheers to that! 

Have a (loose) Plan

Let’s say it’s been raining all week and you just have to get out of the house with the kids. Think children’s museum, library, or some other indoor interactive situation. It can be daunting, but we believe in you!

And having a plan, that you hold very loosely, will help! Let’s think of it as more of a structure that you can reference but are not tied to. So that might mean thinking through the order of things in your day. Writing this down might seem overkill, but is also a way for you to get the mental clutter out. Things to think through - when will hunger strike? What will you do when it does? Where can we take a nursing break? How long is this likely to be fun and enjoyable for everyone so that we can all end on a high note? Where are the bathrooms located? What do I need to pack to make sure that I have everything we need, but without lugging the whole house around? Thinking through all these details will help you prepare for almost anything, and we love that for you because then nothing comes as a surprise. You are super mom! 

Be as hands-free as possible

This is one where we can help you really shine because we’ve got space for your baggage! From jam-packed diaper bags to one giant water bottle per person, to snacks for all, it’s easy to feel weighed down when out and about. We’ve all been there, juggling keys and coffee while squatting down to wipe messy faces and give quiet social etiquette reminders (for the tenth time, pleeeeaaase stop picking your nose). The freer your hands are, the freer you will feel to handle what comes your way without the stress. Here’s where Zoe comes in. When you let her shine she’s got you with roomy undercarriage storage, amazing mesh storage bags that attach to the sides of your stroller, cup holders, snack trays, and the parent organizer so well thought through that many moms decide they actually don’t even need to bring the diaper bag along! Look, mom, no hands! 

Pack ahead of time

All of these will help you with bigger adventures like airplanes or longer car rides, but our hot tip for those bigger trips especially, is to do all the thinking, planning, preparing, and packing ahead of time, while the kiddos are sleeping. It is amazing how much more efficient we can be when we can focus on one task at a time. This distraction-free time will allow you to finish the prep and sleep at night knowing that it’s all taken care of. When the day of finally comes, you’ll be calm and stress-free which will definitely translate into your kids' energy as well! 

So when you’re solo parenting, whether you’re going far or staying close to home, remember that there are things you can do to make your job easier, and Zoe can help!