Q & A with Zoe's Founder

Q + A with Founder, Innovator, and Grandpa Extraordinaire

With 40+ years in the baby industry (he's a big deal), we wanted to take a few minutes to reintroduce Zoe's founder.  

When did you start Zoe and why?

Actually, I started Zoe as a hobby in 2014. I wanted to test the concept that I had begun to experiment in my mind about the elimination of selling to retail. I wanted to see if we had the right product... plus the right space in the market... if we could find a way to take those products directly to the consumer. Guess what? WE DID! 

Why the Zoe rebrand?  

Because this was admittedly just a hobby four years ago, The Zoe "logo" honestly had no major consideration. There was no color... and from a branding perspective, we were virtually invisible. One of the things I've always looked to when I was working with designers in our industry... was looking at ways to make things more whimsical... we're a fun, family-friendly company after all! I love the new logo with the fun letters and orange concept. The orange is so popular with kids, cheerful and fun -- it just made sense.

How many kids and grandkids? 

3 kids 

8 grandchildren (1month to 10 years old)

Favorite toy growing up? 

Wow, with five kids in a small home, we didn't have much, but I would think my favorite toy was ice skates.

Favorite activity? 

I love golf, but ultimately my favorite activity is spending time with my grandchildren no matter what we are doing.

Best advice?

  • Teenagers to college-age — pick your friends, don't let your friends choose you.
  • A young professional - pick something you are passionate about and never leave it
  • Parenting advice — never waste a minute. Understand that every moment you can spend with your child is a vapor, it is gone and you can never get back. There is no substitute for time. 

What is your favorite movie?

The Greatest Showman