5 Ways to Get Kids off Screens and Outside

You were probably never familiar with the state of becoming a “Zoom Zombie” until the big C hit, but by now, all of us are all too familiar with the feeling of major screen fatigue. Whether it’s from being in meeting after meeting that could have been a quick email or from rewatching the Office for the fifth time, our eyes have never been more acquainted with our laptops, phones, and TVs. 

The more we become aware of our own screen time habits, the more we want to safeguard the habits of our kids too. In an effort to not pass down zombie-ism to another generation, here are a few of our favorite ideas for getting away from those screens and getting outside instead.

Neighborhood stroll

  • Bring back sidewalk chalk
  • We miss those sweet spring days of spending hours outside drawing wonky flowers or chalk outlines of our siblings in the sun. Warmer temps are just around the corner, and those vitamin D-deficient kiddos could use some time outside. Not only does it require minimal effort for parents, but it encourages kids to tap into their artistic side and exercise some creativity. 

  • The tried and true – go for a walk
  • We’ll say it –  good, old-fashioned neighborhood walks are underrated. Not only is it a great way to get out of the house (and get your daily dose of Vitamin Z), but it’s an easy option for spending quality time with the fam too. Grab the kids, and take it to the pavement. Pro tip – if you love a long walk, but the kids aren’t up for it, the stroller carrying straps are your best friend. Carry your stroller to start, then push the kids in their stroller when they get tired.

    Stroller and carrying straps

  • Rethink the sprinkler
  • Never have we ever appreciated backyards more than we have this year. But what you might not know is that your sprinkler isn’t just to keep your grass in tip-top shape. It’s also a KEY form of entertainment. On your next sunny day, tell the kids to put on their swimsuits, and let the sprinkler work its magic. Nothing says “being a kid” like jumping around in the sprinkler. And might we suggest using this time to grab a double of your favorite beverage? You’ll thank us later. 

  • Scout out neighborhood parks
  • We all know that park. You’ve driven by it a million times and thought “I should really take the kids there next Saturday!” Well, THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Park days are the best. Take advantage of neighborhood spots, and get zesty and active as a family. PS – if you want some more hands-free options while you’re out and about, bring along your Parent Organizer.

  • Get into gardening
  • So many things are online these days that there really is nothing more satisfying than getting your hands dirty. Kids have stress and problems too, so introducing them to healthy ways of relieving stress is necessary. So, why not try gardening? Maybe you could even plant an orange tree (wink, wink)? Not only is it a great way to teach kids about the earth, but it’s a great way to get outside and away from that show they’re always begging to watch.

    What are the ways you’re getting outside lately? Make sure you’re following our blog for more tips and tricks!