5 Podcasts Every Parent Needs Right Now

Did you know that there’s a world of podcasts outside of true crime? We know, it’s hard to believe. Believe it or not, there are plenty of parenting podcasts out there, full of relatable content. We love to have a listen while out for a walk, making dinner, or anytime really. Here are 5 podcasts every parent needs right now.

  • The Unfiltered Motherhood Podcast
  • Described as a personal development podcast for moms, this podcast is not afraid to go there. The host, Jamie, makes it a point to discuss everyday struggles for moms – everything from womanhood and self care to boundaries and therapy.

  • The What Fresh Hell Podcast
  • Aka “laughing in the face of motherhood,” according to the show’s hosts. This comedy podcast is the one to listen to when you’re feeling less than perfect in the parent department. It’ll help you remember you’re not alone as you navigate parenting, all while enjoying a few belly laughs.

  • Motherhood Sessions
  • We all know that becoming a parent means lots of physical changes – your body, your home, your hairstyle probably? But the emotional changes associated with parenthood are often not discussed. This show is hosted by a renowned reproductive psychiatrist who lets you listen in on tough conversations with real mothers, working through the physiology of motherhood together.

  • Mama Said with Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jenna Parris
  • If you’re looking for relatable podcasts, this one’s for you. This show is a place for you to air your worst mommy sins and be a part of conversations about the challenges of motherhood, embarrassing moments, and everything in between. Get ready for lots of celebrity guests and lots of heart.

  • Nurture vs Nurture
  • Created by the same producers as Armchair Expert, this show explores parenting from a new lens. This host, a social-clinical psychologist and author, sits down with a different set of parents each week for a therapy session. In this session, they dive into this family’s specific situation, and the host offers practical advice and encouragement, helping them move forward in a better way.