3 Reasons to Get Outside

Meet the Mama behind Real Juice:

Hey, friend! I'm Emily! I'm a faith-filled mom of two looking to make the most of every moment. We weren't meant to just survive this season, but THRIVE in it. So I'll share simple, practical ways to enjoy your life exactly as it is right now!


There’s something about this time of year that never gets old. Okay, the pollen gets old, but isn’t it amazing how the bland and lifeless world literally springs into vibrancy that speaks of new life, energy, and invitation? Change is happening all around us and it’s beautiful to see how when we allow change to happen in us, we get to bloom, too! 

So, this series of Real Juice is all about getting outside - outside your comfort zone, outside of yourself, and, of course, outside in nature! 

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Now you might be thinking…why would I do that? I am quite pleased to be right where I am. Fair point. I read this precious book to my kids last fall called Little Tree. It’s about a little tree that holds on real tight to his leaves. (Ya’ll, I can hardly summarize it without tearing up). One by one the other little trees drop their leaves, facing the cold of winter head-on. But not our little guy. He hugs his leaves as tightly as he can. Year after year Little Tree remains unchanged, despite words of encouragement from his forest friends. As Little Tree sits in the shadow of the other trees, now grown sturdy and tall, he remembers when they were all the same size. And he knows he has an important decision to make. CUE ALL THE TEARS. Am I the only one??? Change is hard. Point blank hard, and scary. But when we let go of what is holding us back, good things happen. Things we were made for and meant for. We experience the world in a different way when we stop trying to protect ourselves from the process of growth. I wonder what it is for you? Are you ready to let go of your leaves? Grow, mama, grow! 

Getting Outside of Yourself

Lately, I have been so tired of thinking about myself. It’s part of our culture right? What do I want, what do I not want, what do I think about that, do I like that, do I not like that, what do I want to do, eat, wear, what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, how does that make me feel, what should I do, what should I say..on and on and on and on. I find this inward focus unsatisfying and exhausting. So I’ve been picking up a different pair of lenses and am looking through them to see other perspectives. Maybe you’ve heard C.S. Lewis’ quote “It’s not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”. What does she want? What does he think about this? What does she want to do? How does this make him feel? This curiosity about others makes me a better wife, mom, and friend. I wonder what would happen if we reset the standard for thinking of others by turning down the white noise of our own self-seeking and just got interested in one another? 

Getting Outside in Nature

Remember when we’d run around and play outside for most of the day? Even if we were doing nothing, we’d do it outside. Gosh, I sound old. We all know there are countless benefits to getting your kids outside. It’s like a whole learning curriculum without lifting a finger! Fresh air is proven to contribute to healthy hearts, lungs, and joints. The sunshine provides natural doses of Vitamin D to ward off pesky viruses. Unstructured outdoor playtime helps children develop curiosity, problem-solving skills, creativity, and self-esteem. Some wise parenting advice I received early on, was that if my kiddo was having a hard time to either put her in water or take her outside. It is such a good reset without even trying (this works for us mamas, too by the way). An awesome organization, 1000 Hours Outside, has some really fun trackers, and even an app that you can use to give yourself some awareness and motivation to go outside with your kids. I promise you will make more memories outside with them than inside with even the latest and greatest toys! Here comes the sun - do do do dooo! 

As you drive, or wash dishes, or fold laundry this week, lift your head, and look out your window. Take in the vibrant colors and life that nature has and let it be a reminder of what you are capable of. You can bring life and beauty to those around you. Letting go of what is holding you back, getting curious about others, and stepping outside will set you on the right path. Squeeze the day my friends! 🍊