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Moms, in case you didn’t know – you are magical. We want to make sure you feel that way with a trip to Disney for you and your family!
The Winner Receives:
  • A stay at a Walt Disney World Resort
  • Park Hopper Passes for your family
  • Travel to and from Orlando
  • Vacation planning by luxury travel specialist, Mary Helen Law
  • Zoe Stroller of your choice + a Magical Park Bundle

To enter simply follow Zoe and Daryl-Ann Denner and fill out the form below.

Giveaway FAQ

How do I enter?

Simply follow @zoestrollers and @darylanndenner and complete the form above to enter!

When will you announce the winner?

We’ll announce the winner the evening of Mother’s Day (5/14) in our Instagram stories (@zoestrollers). The winner will be contacted by a member from our team.

How do you select the winner?

We’re using third-party technology (that tracks each individual’s number of entries) to randomly select a winner.

How will you plan the trip to Disney? Are there certain dates you must go? 

We’ll provide the funds to plan your trip and set you up with a Luxury Travel Specialist to coordinate all the details! You will be able to select the dates of your trip.

How many people can go on this trip? How long is the trip?

We’ve based the value of this trip ($10,000) on a family of four, staying at a mid-level resort for four nights. You will be able to adjust the details of your trip (number of attendees, length of trip etc) which may impact cost. If the cost exceeds $10,000, you’ll pay the difference. The Travel Specialist can help you plan your trip based on your needs. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you have here!

Does this include airfare?

We’ve based the funds of this trip to accommodate average round-trip airfare for a family of four. We will provide you with the funds ($10,000) and a luxury Travel Specialist to help coordinate all the details!

Why do I have to give my email and DOB to enter?

We are using a third-party app to select the winner and we need an email address to contact the winner. We need a DOB to confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

What about the other daily giveaways?

Leading up to Mother’s Day we will give away something daily. Think gift cards to brands you love, spas, and even randomly reimbursing purchases that happen from now until Mother’s Day! Follow our IG @zoestrollers to see how to enter daily.