Voluntary recall of Trioᵛ² and Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seats Manufactured 08-09/2023


Trioᵛ² Add-On Seat

Trioᵛ² with Arrow Pointing to the Add-On Seat


Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seat

Tribeᵛ² with arrow pointing to the Add-On Seat



Everything we do at Zoe is driven by our most important priority: the safety and care of your children. In January 2024, we received reports that some of our Trioᵛ² and Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seats were becoming partially detached during use. Specifically, the attachment clips on the lower bar of the Trioᵛ² triple stroller and the Tribeᵛ² quad stroller were detaching unexpectedly, while the upper attachment bar was remaining attached. 

We conduct extensive testing to ensure that all Zoe products meet or exceed industry regulations and standards. Despite passing all tests and meeting all industry standards, we are conducting this voluntary recall to ensure the safe and convenient use of our Trioᵛ² and Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seats. 

This voluntary recall only affects the add-on seats, which are attachments to the front of the Twinᵛ² stroller. If you purchased The Trioᵛ² triple stroller or the The Tribeᵛ² quad stroller, the base Twinᵛ² side-by-side double stroller may still be used without the add-on seats. The Twinᵛ² stroller is not impacted by this recall.



Name of Products:  The Trioᵛ² Add-On Seat, The Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seat

Hazard:  The lower front attachment bars may become unlatched during use, resulting in a partial detachment hazard.

Remedy:  Replacement

Consumers who purchased a Trioᵛ², a Tribeᵛ², a Trioᵛ² Add-On Seat or a Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seat between November 2023 and January 2024 will be provided with a free replacement add-on seat.

Customer Contact:

Click on “Submit Info” at the bottom of this page for more information & next steps. 

Customers can also contact Zoe directly at help@zoebaby.com, or by calling or texting 1-866-701-1720. 


Units: approximately 308 add-on seats sold between November 2023 and January 2024 

Description:  This recall involves all Trioᵛ² Add-On Seats and Tribeᵛ² Add-On Seats with date code 08/2023 or 09/2023.  This includes all front stroller attachment seats sold as bundles marketed as The Trioᵛ² (triple stroller) and The Tribeᵛ² (quad stroller). The brand (“Zoe”) is on the front of the stroller add-on seat, as well as the canopy.

Affected Model/Item#: TRIO & TRIBE 

Trio Manufacture TagTribe Manufacture Tag

To see if your model was impacted, review the permanent tag (as pictured above), located on the underside of the Add-On Seat footrest. If your Item # matches “TRIO” OR “TRIBE” and your date code is “09 2023” or “08 2023”, your model is affected.

Underside of stroller where manufacture tag is located


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