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Meet The Traveler
The lightest, most compact travel stroller weighing in at only 11 lbs.
Features a one hand compact fold and fits nicely in a car trunk and most overhead bins.
Durable frame and wheels made for the family on the go.

Absolutely excellent! We took it to few different countries and it served us well. It is so light! Can pick it up with my toddler in it and take it up the stairs with no problem. Oh and how EASY it folds with one hand in one second!

Natalia A

This stroller is everything we hoped it would be, extremely light but durable and it easily collapses to fit in a car and an airplane overhead storage bin. Thank you Zoe!

George S.

We live in a city with narrow and old/torn up/rocky sidewalks, the stroller easily traverses bumpy sidewalks and gravel, and does great even with one hand! We love how easy it is to open and close and how compact it folds up.

Adam T.

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  • Product Details
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Can the Traveler fit in an overhead compartment bin?

Yes, perfect for traveling and will fit in MOST airline overhead compartments, but check with your airline carrier first.

What are the age and weight recommendations for this stroller?

The Traveler is recommended for children 3 months and up, with a maximum child weight of 45 lbs.

What is the return policy?

We have a 30 day stress free return policy. Click here for more about our return policy.

How can I see the Traveler in person since it's not offered in stores?

Since we are only online, we’ve created a simple way to try out our products. FREE 30 day return period. More questions? Read more about our return policy.