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Squeeze the most out of life with Terra

Meet The Twin
Take on all of your daily adventures (and doorways) without skipping a beat.
Roomy, lightweight, and ready for the parks.
Easily expands to a triple or quad stroller to grow with your family.

This stroller is everything! It is lightweight, allowing me to get it out the suv easily, glides so smoothly across the ground and folds practically flat! Hands down the best stroller we’ve owned!

Amy T.

"We haven’t even reached for our full size since getting our Twin!! Seriously makes my life so much easier with two kids!!

Deyanira H.

This is by far the best stroller for everyday use and travel. The price is perfect. Sturdy, yet extremely lightweight and easy to fold. You will love this stroller!

Mia H.



Designed with a durable yet lightweight aluminum frame to navigate any rugged terrain. One of the lightest crossover strollers on the market at only 23 lbs.
Compact smart fold

Compact Smart Fold

Easily collapses and fits into your trunk with room to spare making life on the go a little easier
Precise Maneuvering

Precise Maneuvering

Airless tires, swivel locking front wheels, and off road suspension to help navigate all the bumps of life with safety and ease.
Designed with you in mind

Designed With You In Mind

Features fully adjustable seat recline (160 degrees) and adjustable parent handlebar for maximum comfort and naps on the go!

Expandable Canopy

Our signature four panel, weatherproof UP50+ canopy made from recycled materials provides complete coverage, rain or shine!

See It In Action


How do I lock the front wheel?

We recommend always locking the front wheel when running. Simply press down on the black wheel lock lever.

Will I be too tall or too short for to use The Terra?

The Terra works for all different heights. Our adjustable parent handle bar makes strolling comfortable for all.

How compact/lightweight is The Terra?

The Terra Single weighs 23 lbs.

What accessories are available for The Terra?

What are the height & weight limits of The Terra?

The maximum weight per seat is 75 lbs for the single and 46 lbs (per seat) for the double. For height, you’ll want to review the detailed seat measurements including depth, width, and height of the seat itself as well as a measurement of seat to canopy height. The Terra has a 19.75" seat back with an additional 4.75" of head room under the canopy.