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Meet The Tandem
Turn your ride from a double to a single in seconds.
When narrow is necessary to get you through tight and crowded spaces
Collapses easily and fits nicely in a car trunk and most overhead bins

We have an infant and a toddler and couldn’t have been more happier with this stroller being the lightest on the market. I love that I can just convert this to a single stroller when I’m only taking one of the kids.


"The Tandem is so sturdy and yet so light weight and convenient. When dealing with twins, most strollers are big and take up so much room in the car. This stroller quickly snaps apart into two easily manageable pieces. What a life saver!!"

Samantha D.

"Hands down the best stroller ever brought! I love how versatile it is and so light weight. I can easily put both my kids in in record time."

Brittany B.

See It In Action

See It In Action


What are the differences between Twin+ and Tandem+?

The twin is a side by side double stroller and the Tandem is an inline double stroller than can be a single or double stroller.

Can the tandem stroller turn into two separate single strollers?

No, The Tandem+ stroller can only be used as a single stroller or a double stroller.

Can I use the car seat adaptor and the tandem seat together?

No, you can only use the car seat adaptor on a single stroller.

What are the age and weight recommendations for this stroller?

The Tandem is recommended for children 3 months and up, with a maximum child weight of 45 lbs.